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Click on the "Contact Us" link and provide us with the following information:

1. Type of material.

2. Type of finished edge.

3. Type of sink to be used.

4. Type of backsplash: (4", full slab, full tile, or no splash.)

5. Location of job.

6. If it is necessary to remove old tops.

7. Your name, address & phone number.

8. A drawing to scale or annotated with all the dimensions.

The process of creating your new tops takes approximately 3 weeks from the date of setting of completed cabinets.

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Everything Is Custom Fabricated!
Come see us, you will be amazed! Our samples cover the most commonly used colors. Occasionally, we get very unique slabs of veined granite and marble that will highlight your home or office. We usually have over 800 slabs in stock! The ability to see and touch your slab before we cut makes your decorating results much more satisfying. Come visit our showroom today and see examples of our custom fabrication capability. Review the JOB INFO box on each page and CONTACT US for quotes or additional information.

All Natural Stone was founded in 1995 in Little Rock, but it was the dream of Sam Mousa to help builders and homeowners with decorating solutions previously not available in Arkansas. Sam assembled a professional staff of highly skilled craftsmen and installers that have set the standard in the region for professional aesthetic results. That is the point. The staff simply attends to the details to manage the fabrication project. And that gives you the decorating solution desired.
Come see us, you will be amazed!! Nothing matches the look, the feel, and the elegance of natural granite or marble in your home or office.

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